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    What an amazing day. It’s Summer Time, well not quite June the 21st to be exact. However, its close enough for me. The interesting theme for this time of year is really summed up in one word “Transitions”. If you have kids in school they will be transitioning to your house for a couple months to sleep all day and eat up all the food. They will be transitioning from one grade to the next (prayerfully), maybe transitioning to another school, transitioning to college, transitioning from their room to a dorm. Possibly transitioning to a “JOB” halleluiah lol. But they’re not the only ones transitioning, all of us are. Some may be transitioning from one job to the next, transitioning financially, relationally (which by the it has been said “dating brings out the best of you but marriage brings out the rest of you”. They say “Love is blind but marriage is an eye opener” so choose wisely).

    Many of us are transitioning into better shape. With that in mind I wonder how many of you are runners? Last year around this time my wife wanted me to start running with her. Now you have to understand I’m not a runner at all. In fact, if you step out your door and see me running in your neighborhood you need to step back in your home and lock the door because something is terribly wrong. There is probably something big and scary chasing me. However, I told her I would try it. So, I stretch, hydrate, put on comfortable clothes, shoes (Adidas baby), I felt good. So off we go through the neighborhood. About ¾ of the way through our neighborhood something happened. My body started talking to me, my side started hurting, my hamstrings started cramping, next thing I know I am on one knee in the middle of the road and I hear my body say to me “you’re not built for this”. My wife, the love of my life calls me a baby and leaves me (go figure). I finally get myself together and turn around only to have my body say to me how are you going to get home? It was in this moment of “transition” that I heard the Lord say to me “One Step at a Time”.

    I was reminded of the transition between Moses and Joshua in the book of Joshua. For many years Moses had led the Israelites but now Joshua is at the head. Interestingly enough Moses brought the Israelites out; Joshua was to take the Israelites in. The Lord told Joshua in Joshua 1:3 NLT: I promise you what I promised Moses: “Wherever you set foot, you will be on land I have given you”. The Lord said to Joshua “You’re stepping into a new level of responsibility and the way you do that is “One Step at a Time” but when you take that step I will take a step with you Verse 5 the Lord says “For I will be with you as I was with Moses”. However, if you’re like most of us you try to make a transition with one giant leap.

    You go to bed at night and can’t even sleep because you’re running scenarios all in your head you’re doing mental gymnastics. But as we have all discovered it doesn’t work that way. Do you know what God has given us? Grace for today. Just take the next step and trust God in the transitions of life. So, you may be asking how do we make it through the transitions? How do we make it through the difficult circumstances? How do we beat an addiction, heal a relationship, make it through grief and heart ache, overcome guilt and shame, walk away from your past, raise Godly kids, become more like Jesus? “One Step at a Time”. Remember this Moses had a staff, Joshua had a step. Let’s get to stepping not running lol….