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    The Backhoe

    Have you ever worked in construction? It’s awesome to finish a project, step back, and realize that you had some part in it. Regardless of how it looks, lol. I’ve been in construction most of my life. Building, plumbing, electrical, and inspections to name a few. Construction is hard physical work. I remember starting out in construction right out of high school as an electrician helper. This job title included the grunt work, the under the house crawler, the ditch digger, the whatever no one else wanted to do job. That was me. But there was one job that changed the way I looked at life. It was mid-July 100 plus degrees, and as faith would have it, I was on the shovel in the middle of the parking lot with no shade in sight. Of course, the ground was as hard as some of your heads reading this now, lol. Two days in, I was only half way to the end of the building, ready to quit, and praying for the rapture to come right then. I was sitting on the side of the ditch at lunch with everything I had on soaking wet. I was hot, despising life itself, and here comes this older gentleman up to me and asks, “Can I help you, son?” It literally took everything I had to pick up my head and give him the look. The, old man, how are you going to help me look. I didn’t say anything, of course. He said, “I have a backhoe on the other side of this building and will gladly come finish digging this for you.” For the first time in two days I lit up like a Christmas tree. LED lights, of course. Within 30 minutes, he has the trench dug with no problem at all. It took me two days to get half way and then this machine does the other half in less than an hour. But wait, it gets better. The guy gets off the backhoe and says, “This backhoe has been here the whole time, all you had to do was ask to use it.”

       Isn’t it amazing Christians all over the world are putting on their work gloves, taking out their shovels, and saying “We are going to live the Christian life!” In their own strength, they strive, fight, and never get very far. Why? Because, there is a far greater power available, the Holy Spirit, that can help you in your Christian walk. I like to consider the Holy Spirit as the backhoe. Romans 8:11 says “To those of you who believe in Christ, you have access to the very same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the grave.” You can be filled with the powerful Spirit of God and could live a supernatural life in a very natural world; and yet, so many put their gloves on, grab their shovels, and struggle without the power available through the Holy Spirit. All we must do is ask the backhoe (Holy Spirit) to help us. He’s already on or in the lot of your heart.

    PS. Don’t dig in life alone, use the power of the backhoe the (Holy Spirit)…