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    Secret to True Happiness

    I was thinking the other day I’m an expert in a couple things (and I’m pretty humble about it.) One thing would be I know the secret to a woman’s happiness. What makes me an expert you ask? I have a resume; I have a mom, a sister, a wife, a daughter and the dog I had was female. I’ve seen it all and know it all. So, with that being said let me give you men some rules to making your wife happy….

    1. You control the remote control (women love it when they see you with the remote 24 hours a day)
    2. Don’t pick up after yourself (women find joy every minute she gets to pick up after you)
    3. She wants to clean up after she cooks (women love it when you go relax while she does the dishes)
    4. Don’t make a big deal out of birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day (women don’t look forward to being spoiled on their special day. They get enough of that just being married to you)
    5. If you must get them a gift, don’t get them a gift card to the spa (women love being exhausted.  The more exhausted they are the more they are energized. Get them a gift card from Cabela’s that way they can buy you something)

    Ok, obviously I don’t know the secret to a woman’s happiness. As a matter of fact, I’m clueless. I’ve gotten it wrong thousands of times. So, men everything I just said do the opposite. I’m sure that would be a good start…..

    The truth is many ladies and men are looking for true happiness only to come up empty every time. The reason for this is we are looking in the here and now. I’m reminded of the story in John 4 (the woman at the well.) Here is a woman who has an encounter with the savior at a cross road in her life. A time when she thought her happiness would not be in her husband but her husbands. But Jesus in that gentle, convicting way sifts through all the sin and pain and gets right to the heart and says what you’ve been looking for I’m that. When you think about it this is what Jesus does best isn’t it? We all have pain, rejection, hurt, trying to find this or that and yet Jesus sifts through all those things and says I’m what you need. Let’s face it He is the only one who knows the secret to true happiness, It’s Him. With that being said let me give you “Three simple secrets to happiness.”

    1. Choose to be full of His JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself)
    2. Love Jesus Where you’re at (Determine to embrace your place)
    3. It all starts with God and it all finishes with God (Make your relationship with God your top priority)

    As you go through your day… seeking, pursuing and looking for true happiness realize it is only in Jesus that we find it. Refuse to let life drain and distract you from the living water that Christ has for you today!